” Self-confidence is hunting for Moby Dick in a row boat and bringing the tartar sauce” – Zig Ziglar

Whether you have a low self esteem level or a high confidence level, everybody benefits from increased self confidence. The simple hypnosis for confidence techniques in this article can be used whether you know hypnosis or not. They will be of true value to you when you use them.

What is confidence?

Self confidence and competence aren’t the same. Competence means you are good at something, you can do it, you have mastered the skill. Self confidence doesn’t imply competence, it just means that you will make an attempt, using the best of your abilities, without caring too much about the outcome.  Nobody who has ever developed competence, did so without self confidence first.

How to be confident

Confidence is a state of mind. Confidence is an attitude. Confidence is an emotion. Which means that it is something that you can create and expand as an act of will. It’s a mistake to identify yourself with the belief that you aren’t self confident or that you have low self esteem. Is it true that there’s nothing you’re confident about? Are you scared of failing to tie your shoe? Or brushing your teeth? It’s not that you aren’t confident, it’s that there are certain situations where you don’t feel confident. Confidence is a state. It’s an emotion. You can feel it in any situation regardless if you are competent or not. Note that confident people don’t have to continually repeat that they are self confident as a mantra, they are usually absorbed in the moment when it’s time to perform. That’s the right kind of state. Here’s how to be more confident:

Hypnosis for confidence technique #1: Anchoring

Close your eyes and imagine doing something you’re good. Bring about the associated feeling of confidence.

Notice how you feel. Notice the sensations in your body. Think of the way you move your body. What are the thoughts in your mind? What type of language and voice tone do you use? This will give you an idea of how you experience confidence. When you emulate these aspects of the state of confidence, you will begin to feel confident.

You can make a fist to lock in the feeling and associate confidence with the fist. This is called creating an anchor. The more unique the anchor, the better it will work. Whenever you trigger the achor, you will bring back the state of confidence. The most important factor in this process is your intention. If it is your intention to go into a state of confidence, then you will. If it is your intention to link confidence to your making a fist, your subconscious mind will do it.

Hypnosis for confidence technique #2: Body Language

Think about the universal body language a confident person expresses. Shoulders are back, the back is straight, head up, eyes looking forward and up, breathing is deep, feet are firm on the ground, smiling and prolonged eye contact, deliberate and slower movements, deeper resounding voice. Put yourself in this body language. feel what it feels like and get used to it.

There is a connection between your thoughts and your body called the mind – body connection. The thoughts you think have a corresponding posture and posture has corresponding thoughts. Want to increase your confidence level? Put yourself in the type of body language described above and notice the shift in the quality of your thoughts after a few minutes. Again, your intention determines the success of these hypnosis techniques.

Hypnosis for confidence technique #3: Visualization

An incredible aspect of memory is that remembering the past operates in the same way as forecasting the future. The subconscious mind doesn’t understand the difference. Both are constructs of the imagination, experienced in a similar way and are distortions of reality based largely on your perceptions and beliefs. Just like you can give new meaning to past experiences to release negativity,  you can visualize the future to create it. This type of creative, in depth, visualization is experienced in both mind and body and creates a “reality simulator” when done in trance. You can test new beliefs and behaviors in the comfort of your mind.

Once again, your intention is what will create your success. It is possible to imagine anything, like flying or breathing underwater, that is why your imagination must be guided by reason. In fact, most of peoples’ neuroticism and problems come from the misuse of their imagination, the stories they tell themselves repeatedly. This is one of the most useful tools in learning how to be confident.


The Sleep of Reason produces Monsters – Francisco Goya (1799)

Hypnosis for confidence technique #4: Putting it all together

What would happen when you merge these three techniques? You would have a system for building confidence and moving that self confidence into action. You stand up, put yourself in the body language of self confidence. Think about times in your life when you surprised yourself and surpassed your own expectation, building self esteem as you do. Make a fist at the peak of each memory and feel the building confidence level. Begin to move around, increase the energy in your body and emulate yourself at your best. Now, imagine a situation you want to learn how to be more confident in, trigger your anchor and imagine responding with this new self confidence.

Remember, it’s your intention that will make these hypnosis techniques work. You must be an active player in your own personal development, be serious and rigorous. Nothing great and worthwhile was ever easy, in fact, they were done because they were hard.

Building self esteem

Ever hear the saying progress equals happiness? When you are making progress on your goals, when you are systematically developing yourself, you WILL develop high self esteem. Look back into your past and see the victories; the challenges you overcame; you can use those experiences as building blocks for the future. The most sure fire way to building self esteem and self confidence is to act decisively. You now know how to build confidence, just use the hypnosis techniques in this article.

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