How to become a hypnotist

Becoming a hypnotist is an exciting prospect. The hypnotist learns to change thought patterns, emotions and behaviors with the artful, clever and poetic use of language. The hypnotist masters subliminal communication and learns to influence the subconscious mind therapeutically with hypnotherapy or for entertainment with stage hypnosis. (Although I’m a hypnotherapist and the content of my website is geared towards personal development, if you want to do stage hypnosis, the knowledge from this article will serve you as well.) When you embody the spirit of the hypnotist, you are embodying a loving spirit, helping people or making them laugh through your mastery of the unconscious and subconscious mental processes. There are limitless opportunities to make yourself and others better people.


What is hypnosis?

If you’re asking: What is hypnosis? Let me get you up to speed quickly, but you can read my in-depth article here: ‘What is hypnosis?’

During a hypnosis session, the hypnotist induces a trance to make a subject (person experiencing hypnosis) more suggestible. This means the subject will more readily accept ideas and suggestions from the hypnotist. The more profound the trance, the more suggestible the subject becomes.

While in trance, the hypnotist can create realities that seem real to the subject (like role playing or a vivid daydream), eliciting sensations, emotions, visualizations and ideas to guide the subject. A hypnotherapist, for example, will help his subject create a reality for himself of confidence, happiness and increased mental resources to try out and then apply in the real world. The stage hypnotist will help the subject create the reality of being a monkey desperately wanting a banana. In both cases, the subject is consciously aware of the hypnotist, in fact, is a willing participant and can reject the suggestions or end the trance at any time.

It is true that there are hypnotic trances so ‘deep’ that the subject loses consciousness. The dream state of REM sleep is such an example. However, for a hypnotist to induce that type of hypnotic state requires enough trust between hypnotist and subject for the subject to feel comfortable letting go to that extent.


Enough with the boring stuff, let’s dig into how to become a hypnotist!


How to learn hypnosis

So how to become a hypnotist and learn hypnosis? Or better yet, where do you learn hypnosis?


Step 1: Take a hypnosis course

The easiest way to learn hypnosis is by attending a hypnosis course. There are many organizations offering hypnosis training and certification. One of the most common is The National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH). They have chapters across the U.S., Canada and Europe. They also have a few chapters in Asia. When you complete the course, you will be a certified hypnotist. Find a hypnotist with a proven track record to train you. Don’t limit yourself to one hypnosis course either. By cross training you will learn a variety of styles of hypnosis. A hypnosis course will teach you all the basics: hypnotic inductions, how to give hypnotic suggestions, advanced hypnosis techniques, hypnotherapy, stage hypnosis and even conversational hypnosis. The most valuable aspect is that you get a safe place to practice with willing subjects.

If you’re in the Montreal area and you’d like to learn hypnosis, send me an e-mail and I’ll refer you to an excellent teacher, though I’m not too shabby myself.


Step 2: Read many hypnosis books

Taking a hypnosis course can be expensive. An affordable alternative is to learn hypnosis through books. Constant reading sharpens your skills and deepens your knowledge. You will learn the hypnotic language that the hypnotist must master. I recommend the book The Art of Hypnosis: Mastering Basic Techniques -3rd Edition by Roy C. Hunter and Hypnotherapy by Dave Elman for starters. My advice is to read 10 pages of a good book per day for the rest of your life.

Make sure to read hypnosis scripts to expand your repertoire of hypnosis techniques and hypnotic language too. These are essentially transcripts of hypnosis sessions.


Step 3: Watch hypnosis videos

You can watch demonstrations of a specific skill on a hypnosis video. You will accelerate your learning curve by watching exactly what a master hypnotist says, does and how the subject responds. Aside from YouTube, there are many video courses for sale over the internet. The Pimnosis youtube channel is full of hypnosis videos. Suggestibility tests are a fun place to start, here is the first video in a series of demo videos:


Step 4: Practice! Practice! Practice!

Watching hypnosis videos is not enough, but with the knowledge you’ve gained it’s time to practice! You have to leap out of your comfort zone, find a volunteer and hypnotize them. At the beginning of my journey, I took my first steps by practicing with anybody that would listen. Friends, family, strangers, everybody learned that I was a hypnotist. At first, I was a total disaster. My hands were shaking, I turned beat red and needless to say, nobody was hypnotized. But I gave myself permission to fail and over time, I became relaxed, fluid with my language and confident enough to hypnotize anybody. What really helped me was filming my attempts and reviewing them later.


The fastest way to find willing and eager subjects

Find practice partners through Most major cities have groups on meetup for hypnosis. If you don’t find a group specifically for hypnosis, you can attend anything related to personal growth, meditation, yoga or energy healing. Talk to people there, they are usually very open to hypnosis. You can also consider starting your own Meetup practice group.


Step 5: Master yourself with self hypnosis

If you want to become the hypnotist, a real master of hypnotic influence, you have to develop yourself. Working on your self-confidence, overcoming your fears, learning to speak in public etc… All play a critical part in your journey on how to become a hypnotist. I hate sophistry so I firmly believe that you cannot teach anybody anything that you haven’t done yourself. The best way I know of to do this is by using self hypnosis downloads. The major benefit of using self hypnosis downloads is you experience personal growth while directly listening to a master hypnotherapist at work. Their voice tone and hypnotic language go directly into your subconscious mind and become accessible to you when you practice. All the while, the hypnotherapy is solving a problem that you have. It`s the best of all possible worlds, except seeing the hypnotist for a 1-on-1 session.

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So how to become a hypnotist?

  1. Take a hypnosis course
  2. Read hypnosis books
  3. Watch hypnosis videos
  4. Practice, practice, practice
  5. Purchase self hypnosis downloads

Rinse and repeat and soon you might even be making money from your new skill by helping people or bringing a smile to their faces!