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How to improve concentration

In this video, I’ll show you a quick and effective technique to improve focus and increase your concentration. If you often get distracted, and want to learn how to improve your concentration, then this video will show you...

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Hypnosis Demonstration: instant induction

Want to know how to hypnotize someone instantly? In this hypnosis demonstration I demonstrate a simple instant induction through shock and sensory overload (maybe a bit too much shock). I also show hypnotic amnesia and induce...

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Marie LudivineMarie Ludivine
I’ve tried a few times to quit smoking before but always failed. This time with the help of Pim it’s totally different. I definitely reduced the number of cigarettes that I smoke. I lowered from 10 a day to 1. And sometimes, I don’t even feel the need to. I ...
Alison Gilday, Overcome Scuba Diving PhobiaAlison Gilday, Overcome Scuba Diving Phobia
I did 3 dives and it was amazing! The first one I did was cold and the visibility wasn't great so I actually did panic a bit but once I got out there the second time where it was warmer and a ton of fish I really really enjoyed it. ...
Gabriel DufresneGabriel Dufresne
The self hypnosis techniques Pim taught me are helping me improve my life in almost unbelievable ways! Waking up is easy now and comes naturally! Thanks Pim for the trigger we designed during the session, it's a part of my process now!
Guillaume VermetteGuillaume VermetteOvercome Procrastination
The sessions really helped me with procrastination. It really opened my eyes to the fact that I had to improve and I did so.
Darcy HerringDarcy Herring
My confidence has increased way beyond anything I have known before. I trust myself, I believe in myself and as a result I’m living a happier, more rewarding life since starting hypnotherapy with Pim
 Pascal, stopped nail-biting Pascal, stopped nail-biting
Pim helps you envision your future and how to make it better.He makes achieving it a piece of cake
Eric de Los SantosEric de Los SantosPositive Thinking
I'm way more positive overall. I think I was unconsciously talking myself out of activity or other things that would be in my benefit.

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