• Effortlessly annihilate your urges to smoke pot
  • Create healthy ways to meet the same needs
  • Overcome social pressure to smoke weed
  • Control your cannabis use easily
Run Time - 22:37


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What is it like when you can control your cannabis use?

Imagine having your time back and no longer frittering the hours away. Imagine having your motivation back and getting things done. Suppose you can concentrate again and remember and recall things easily. Suppose you sleep through the night effortlessly.

What could you achieve?

What would your body feel like if you have clear lungs and you are breathing easily again? Imagine having your full sense of smell back and experiencing the world through all your senses again. Imagine feeling healthy again and experiencing joy in using your body.

I want you to know that there is a way to control your cannabis use quickly. And it’s easy.

The effortless way to take back control of your life

All bad habits are the product of unconscious patterns. And patterns can be changed.

The hypnosis techniques used in this audio recording will retrain your unconscious mind to be free from cannabis. As you relax and listen to the hypnosis track, you are changing your patterns related to cannabis use. It’s easy and pleasant to do.

And once your pattern is changed, you will be in control. Which means that you can choose whether to smoke pot, or not.

22 minutes to freedom

The track is only 22 minutes long. This makes it easy to fit it in your day. Start by listening to it consistently for 7 days in a row.

When you notice that your relationship with cannabis is changing (you are using less, likely none at all), you only need to listen to it when you need a refresher. The hypnosis track is yours to keep forever, so you can give yourself a booster whenever you feel like it.

The best time to listen to the hypnosis track is just after waking up or just before you go to sleep.

$19   $15

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