• Eliminate self­-sabotage and limiting ways of thinking
  • Learn to relax into success
  • Enjoy taking action towards your goals
  • Be comfortable with succeeding at everything you do
  • Get Results!
Run Time - 20:44


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Do you deserve success?
Did you answer “no” that question? You’ve probably heard of fear of failure. But a fear of success is just as common. Ask yourself these questions:

● Do you sabotage yourself without knowing why?
● Do you believe you don't "deserve" success?
● Do you stop right before the finish line?
● Do you never get started because you "know" it won't work?
● Do you feel that success is always just out of reach?

How would your life be different if you could relax with your own successes? Would you stop getting in your own way? Would you stop sabotaging yourself?

Imagine if success came naturally. Imagine taking committed action towards your goal without fearing success. What would happen?

Relax into success
Do you know somebody who seems to have it all together? Who exudes confidence and embraces success? Who lives with passion and purpose?

The only thing standing in the way of you becoming that person are the thoughts and beliefs that you have about yourself and success.

And you can start the transformation to become that person right now.

I know you are sick and tired of these limiting thoughts and feelings that are holding you back. I know you want to change and enjoy success. All it takes is 20 minutes with the Overcome Fear of Success audio track.

20 x 7 = success
The best way to use this 20-­minute audio program is to listen to it every day for 7 days. The best time to do it is either first thing in the morning or right before bed at night.

You will notice some changes. You will become more comfortable with success. You will find yourself working towards your goals daily. You will finish what you’ve started.

Once you notice these changes, you can just listen to to the audio track whenever you need an extra boost.

$19   $15

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