• Recondition your subconscious mind to relax
  • Experience a release of stress and anxiety
  • Get your mind to a place of well-­being
  • Get to a place of well-being in control
  • Enjoy peace of mind
  • Know how to disconnect from harmful and stressful situations
  • Get out of your head and deeply into your body
Run Time - 19:01


$19   $15

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Change stress and anxiety into peace and focus

Wouldn't it be amazing, if without having to change a thing about your outer world, your entire reality could be shifted? It has been said that your inner world creates your outer world. So, what if you could easily change your inner world, change the ways you have of dealing with stressful situations? And do it effortlessly?

Most people’s minds have been trained in a way that triggers stressful thoughts and feelings. But by changing thought patterns in a way that serves you, it is possible to change your feelings. In this way you can change feelings of stress and anxiety and in its place, create peace, calm and focus.

What could this lead to?

Having more peace of mind and more focus could lead to great days at work. With your mind freed from stress, there would be space to think and organize.

Imagine how productive could you be if your mind stopped reminding you of how much you still need to get done.

And what if you could finally face the stressful areas of your life?

Perhaps you could create the patience to raise your children the way you wish you could?

With hypnosis, you can access your subconscious mind, the part of you that generates all your thoughts feelings and actions. With hypnosis you can reprogram that part of you. And you can do it when it suits you, in the comfort of your own home.

Less than 20 minutes to peace
This recorded hypnosis sessions lasts less than 20 minutes, which makes it easy to fit into your day. The more you listen to it, the deeper it will set into your subconscious mind. And once you’ve bought it, it’s yours to keep forever.

$19   $15

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