As a hypnotist, is hypnosis real? Followed by how does hypnosis work? Are the questions I get asked the most after I unveil my secret identity, so this article is my attempt to synthesize the answer in as short and easy to understand manner as possible!

Do you have an adventurous friend who volunteered to go up on the stage during a hypnosis show? The hypnotist seems to use hypnotic powers to make your friend believe and do anything! First his shoes are on fire, then his belt transforms into a snake and then he falls madly in love with a chair! You must be wondering is hypnosis real!? And if the answer is yes, how does hypnosis work for it to have this effect!?


Is Hypnosis real? Here’s what happens to a hypnotized person

Imaginary drumroll please! Is hypnosis real? Does hypnosis work? Yes! Your friend was not faking it and he’s not anymore susceptible to hypnosis than you are. So how does hypnosis work? Well, during a hypnotic trance, the person being hypnotized becomes highly suggestible and their imagination becomes amplified. The deeper the hypnotic trance, the more suggestible they become and the stronger the imagination becomes. During deep hypnosis, also called somnambulism, whatever the subject accepts or imaginations becomes real to them. In hypnosis, the person being hypnotized stops judging whether what they are imagining is real or not, they just go along for the ride.

Hypnosis has nothing to do with mind control. It uses the mind’s natural tendency to respond to suggestions and amplifies it. If a person doesn’t like a suggestion, they can reject it. If they want to come out of hypnosis, they can do so at will.

Hypnosis will not work if there is fear, doubt and resistance in the mind of the subject. Hypnosis is easy when the subject is happy and eager to receive the hypnotic induction. The more vividly one imagines, the easier it will be to be hypnotized. It may also take some time to understand what hypnosis feels like, practice and get accustomed to it before someone is able to access the deeper levels where all the wild stuff you’ve read about can become real.


What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis as a form of influence has existed since before the written language. Stories are used to pass down knowledge and some were better story tellers than others. They are able to capture attention with their poetic language and paint beautiful pictures in the minds’ of their audiences. Some figured out how to use this powerful tool of influence to make others believe them. They were able to influence and get them to take action on what they said. In fact, most leaders have this type of charisma. It’s not good or bad, but the power exists. This is true long before it was called hypnosis.

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How does Hypnosis Work?

So  how does hypnosis work? Let me give you a layman’s hypnosis definition so when people ask you is hypnosis real? You can answer yourself.

Simply, hypnosis is the focus on a single idea. The idea is acceptable to the person receiving it so they suspend their disbelief and adopt the idea, at least for the moment.

Let me deepen your understanding of this hypnosis definition by taking you through the mind of a subject being hypnotized:  You relax, the questioning voice inside your mind that passes judgements and becomes quiet and you pay quality attention to the suggestions given by the hypnotist. When those elements occur, you communicate directly with your subconscious mind, making it easy to accept positive suggestions and act upon them. The subconscious does not judge whether what is being said is real or not, everything that goes into the subconscious mind is real.

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Read the hypnosis definition again and think about what other situations have an element of hypnosis in them. How about watching television? The television is a hypnosis machine. how does hypnosis work with television? The flashing images, engaging story and fixation on a screen causes your mind to enter into hypnosis by having you selectively focus and suspend your judgement. After all, titanic was just a movie, but I know you cried when Leo died! This is why commercials and product placement work in advertisement.

So Is Hypnosis Real? And how does hypnosis work? Ultimately, you have to experience it for yourself. You can book a session with me or you can purchase one of my self-hypnosis downloads and try it in the comfort of your own home.

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