How to quit smoking without will power


If you’re reading this article chances are high that you’ve tried multiple ways to quit smoking and my educated guess is that you have failed so far. Not to worry! I’m going to teach you how to quit smoking, without effort or will power, with simple hypnosis for smoking cessation techniques. The problem with the way you “learned” how to quit smoking is that it relies on suppressing the urge to smoke either by going cold turkey, using the gum or the patch. An adequate metaphor for will power is that of mental adrenaline, you can use it to resist the craving to smoke, but you’re going to fail unless you make the shift on the deeper level of identity contained in your subconscious mind. You need to identify as a non-smoker. Non-smokers don`t need to “learn” how to quit smoking because they don’t have the urge to pick up a cigarette anyway! So let’s get you the benefits of quitting smoking!


Why even Start Smoking?

I want you to imagine a scenario. You are a senior in high school. You want to impress your peers. You want to be cool. You want to fit in. You want to impress the members of the opposite sex. On a weekend night, you’re hanging out with friends, staying out late, you attend a party with older people, the ones that drive and can buy you alcohol. You feel nervous, but excited to be partying. Already a little drunk, you find yourself outside with a group of people chatting and smoking.

Someone offers you a cigarette. Do you take it or not? What is the thought process of most teenagers? Most teenagers, in this situation, smoke the cigarette. If they don’t, they fear the repercussions. They won’t be “cool”. Their reputation is on the line. The same goes for drinking, sex and smoking weed.

In this scenario, emotional thinking replaces the power of reason and peer pressure dominates. The teenager accepts the cigarette. Let’s face it; nobody is going to weigh the positives and negatives outcomes of smoking a cigarette. They just do it. They feel the peer pressure. They want to be cool. They want to fit in. The fact that smoking is a little taboo can add to the appeal.

Do you remember how horrible your first inhale was? Remember the burning sensation in your throat and lungs. Remember the terrible taste. Remember the coughing and chocking. You can even feel the nausea. Why did you continue sucking on those death sticks?

The teenager doesn’t care, he’s not thinking about the future him who can’t figure out how to quit smoking, and keeps puffing because it has a different meaning to him or her. Only later, as the teenager develops a real addiction, does he or she add other reasons or conscious justifications for smoking. It’s not even an addiction to cigarettes, it’s an addiction to the way smoking cigarettes make them feel. Relaxed, free, but subconsciously, cool. Just like the Marlboro man. Hypnosis for smoking addresses the root cause of your addiction first, so you can identify as a non-smoker first, then teaches you how to quit smoking by removing the craving.


Hypnosis for smoking

Learning how to quit smoking is easy with hypnosis for smoking cessation. It can create more empowering ways to manage the emotions that make you reach for a cigarette and completely transform you into a non-smoker. Hypnosis for smoking trains the subconscious mind so that there is no will power or struggle involved. The power of the hypnotic suggestions is immediate and lasting, on the condition that you are truly ready and motivated to quit smoking. A qualified hypnotherapist can do his job, but if you don’t hold up your end, it won’t work. I teach the skills, you do the drills!

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One particular method of hypnosis for smoking cessation allows you to return to the event that got you smoking. The technical term is age regression and it allows you to go back in time and to coach the younger you on how to quit smoking before you even start. The subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between what’s real or vividly imagined so the new decisions become real to the subconscious mind. Then it’s a matter of rehearsing the new non-smoker belief system and learning a few skills to manage cravings.

When this hypnosis for smoking session is done correctly, the client will emerge out of the session as a non-smoker. As a non-smoker, they don’t smoke! Just like an apple can’t be a not-apple. We’ve created identity change at the deepest level. The client doesn’t need to learn how to quit smoking because the client is inherently different. Plus, he or she has practiced new empowering tools to deal with stress, boredom and frustration.


A Quit Smoking Timeline

Let me show you a visual representation for this hypnosis for smoking cessation method in the form of a quit smoking timeline:




The break in the quit smoking timeline represents the method used by the client to quit smoking, in this case hypnosis for smoking.

When the same client tried to use will power his “quit smoking timeline” looks like this:




Every break in the quit smoking timeline represents a time where the smoker tries to quit smoking, but since the person hasn’t changed their subconscious mind, they’re just “counting the days” until the next cigarette.


Conclusion: Sign up!

To summarize, how to quit smoking is easy when you are motivated and have the right strategy. You can’t cut your steak with a spoon! You need the right tools. Hypnosis for smoking is the tool to learn how to quit smoking without will power.

People don’t make conscious decisions to start smoking instead they make emotional ones. The real reason is usually forgotten or hidden, but can be unlocked and changed when you use your subconscious mind. Then, as a non-smoker, all you need is a few tools to help manage the cravings IF they come up.

If you are tired of cigarettes robbing you of your health, your wealth, your relationships and are ready to enjoy the benefits of quitting smoking then contact me! I offer a free, no risk 30-minute consultation.