Self hypnosis: How to hypnotize yourself in 4 steps


The world would be a much better place if everybody was taught, from an early age, the fundamental principles that govern how the human works. The human mind is qualitatively superior to any other form of animal existence currently known to exist, though the intricacies of that discussion will be left for another day, the fundamental difference is everybody is endowed with a creative imagination which allows them to imagine potential futures and outcomes for themselves and change their own beliefs, emotions and behaviors in order to create that desired outcome. In a real sense, beavers build dams, but they never design new forms of dams built out of entirely new materials, while the structures that humanity builds have dramatically improved with each successive discovery of valid principle in the universe.

Keeping that firmly in mind, let’s bring the discussion back down to earth. The most effective way to understand how the mind works and how to change it quickly that I’ve discovered is learning how to hypnotize yourself. Self hypnosis, when practiced correctly, can bring the changes you desire into reality. The reason is simple, with self hypnosis, you aren’t simply telling yourself that you should change, you are installing the change into your subconscious mind, which governs such habitual behaviors.

Read this article on ‘The Power of the Subconscious Mind‘ to find out more.

The rest of this article is dedicated to the practical aspects of how to do self hypnosis, teaching correct self hypnosis techniques for beginners and how to give autosuggestion when you hypnotize yourself. I also have a self hypnosis downloads library where you can download self hypnosis recordings to overcome specific problems.


How to do self hypnosis

Step 1: Plan your self hypnosis session

The most important step before you hypnotize yourself is to plan your self hypnosis session.  The clarity of your intention is the biggest determining factor in the success of any self hypnosis session, so the first of the self hypnosis techniques for beginners is to be very clear on what you want to achieve or change. I recommend you write down the types of autosuggestion you want to give yourself when you hypnotize yourself on a piece of paper because I`m going to teach you how to hypnotize yourself instantly with the paper drop technique. Visualization is another fundamental tool to incorporate. Once you`ve planned self hypnosis session, all that`s left to do before you hypnotize yourself is to find a private place where you can sit or lie comfortably for about 15 minutes without being interrupted. You`ll be aware during self hypnosis, but it`s very annoying to be interrupted and distracted when you`re hypnotized, so setting the right context is important.  My advice is to hypnotize yourself when you`re in bed, right before you go to sleep, that way to subconscious mind has the entire night to integrate the changes you told it to make.

Just to recap, before you hypnotize yourself, you should:

  1. Set a clear intention for the session
  2. Write out the various autosuggestion to give yourself
  3. Find a private and comfortable place where you can hypnotize yourself


Step 2: Induce self hypnosis

Every hypnosis session, whether it`s self hypnosis or hypnotherapy, has 3 components to it: induction, change work, emergence. When asking how to hypnotize yourself, most people focus only on the induction phase, which happens to be the easiest and can occur very rapidly. I`m even going to show you a self hypnosis technique for beginners to hypnotize yourself instantly, so that you don`t have to spend all your time hypnotizing yourself, but instead can focus directly on autosuggestion and visualization to create the change you want.

When you`re installed in your comfortable spot, close your eyes. Your goal now is to relax your body and your mind. The simplest way to do this is to focus on your breathing and just repeat to yourself that with each and every breath, you are becoming more relaxed and more completely hypnotized, repeat this autosuggestion over and over again with intent, meaning and truthfulness. As you repeat the suggestion, you can imagine your breath as a relaxing energy and imagine sending it to every corner of your body and mind, spreading relaxation all throughout. You don`t need fancy scripts to hypnotize yourself, of course there are hundreds of ways to learn how to hypnotize yourself, but stick to these self hypnosis techniques for beginners.

The steps are:

  1. Close your eyes and breathe deeply, in relaxation.
  2. With every breath, repeat to yourself silently with intent: “With each and every breath, I become more relaxed and more deeply hypnotized”.
  3. Imagine your breath spreading relaxing energy to every corner of your body and mind.

After a minute or two of repeating and compounding this effect, you will want to deepen the self hypnosis. Again, there are hundreds of ways to do this, many of which you can learn by listening to self hypnosis downloads, but if you stick to the proper self hypnosis techniques for beginners like the one I’m about to show you, then you really don’t need anything else. The simplest way to deepen the self hypnosis is to count backwards, slowly from 10 to 1 and with each count just say the word “deeper into hypnosis” in your mind, with intent. When you reach the number 1, you will be in a “depth” of self hypnosis conducive to making the changes you want and having the autosuggestion and visualization take root in your subconscious mind. Remember to make self hypnosis a practice, repeating your best autosuggestion often; this is equivalent to watering your seeds.

The next step is to test if you are hypnotized at that appropriate depth of self hypnosis. You only need to do this the first time, though admittedly it is kind of fun, because then you’ll know you know how to hypnotize yourself and you’ll know what being hypnotized feels like! You simply give yourself an autosuggestion and see if it works. When hypnotized correctly, your subconscious mind makes any all reasonable suggestions, ones it believes to be true and in your best interest, true (suggestions for absurdities like go rob a bank etc… obviously don`t work. Though you could simulate what it would be like to be a bank robber through visualization). Tell yourself:  “my right arm is becoming so light that it begins to float into the air” and imagine it to be true. When your arm inevitably begins to rise without you consciously lifting it, you’ll know you’re hypnotized. Then simply tell yourself: “Now my arm drops comfortably and when it’s resting comfortably, I will go 10 times deeper into self hypnosis.” This is one of those simple self hypnosis techniques for beginners used to confirm that you are indeed hypnotized. If you learn how to hypnotize someone else, try this on them, they’ll freak out and laugh!

The steps are:

  1. Count from 10 – 1 slowly, repeating the autosuggestion to go deeper with each count.
  2. Test if you are in the right depth of self hypnosis with the arm levitation technique.


Step 3: Transform yourself

At this point, you’re ready to make the changes you intended to make. The autosuggestion you give yourself here will go directly into your subconscious mind and become your new “programming”. You can give yourself general suggestions for increased confidence, healthier habits and feeling great in every way, or you can work on bettering a specific area of your life, giving targeted autosuggestion and using the right visualization. I am going to recommend a few suggestions to give yourself every time you hypnotize yourself for accelerated self hypnosis. Every time you repeat an autosuggestion, it compounds on itself and the effect becomes stronger, in fact, every autosuggestion makes the one given before stronger regardless if it is related or not. This law of compounding is the key to successful self hypnosis and I can’t repeat it enough. Without further ado, here they are:

  1. I go into hypnosis quickly and easily
  2. Each time I become hypnotized I will go deeper
  3. Self hypnosis is a regular part of my life
  4. I love being hypnotized
  5. The changes I create manifest quickly and effortlessly
  6. The positive autosuggestion I give under self hypnosis become a powerful and permanent part of my everyday living reality
  7. Every day in every way I am getting better and better
  8. I am cool, calm and collected in all situations
  9. I am worthy and deserving of all good things

Repeat and compound them over and over again.


Step 4: Emerge from self hypnosis

The last step is to emerge from self hypnosis, which you can do at any time you choose. The myth that people have of believing they can get stuck in hypnosis is absurd. You don’t go to sleep at night fearing that you’ll never wake up do you? There is no way to get stuck in hypnosis, you will either emerge or fall asleep because the brain has natural cycles that it goes through anyway (the circadian rhythm is one such cycle). That being said, you will lose track of time when you hypnotize yourself properly, which is another sign that you went to the appropriate depth, so it’s a good idea to set an alarm. Start with 15 minutes, it’s all you need.

When you’re ready to emerge, all you have to do is count back up from 1 to 10. Simply tell yourself: “I emerge from self hypnosis refreshed and revitalized”. After you’ve hypnotized yourself a few times, you’ll discover the best way for you to come out of trance anyway.


*** BONUS ***

Step 5: How to do self hypnosis instantly

I lied. I’m not just giving you self hypnosis techniques for beginners. Going through the self hypnosis induction process is time consuming and takes time away from doing actual change work so what you’ll want to do the first time you hypnotize yourself is set an instant re-induction trigger. There are many triggers you can use, one of the most common ones being a raising and dropping of your finger just like you would open or close a light switch, but I prefer the paper drop technique. Remember when I told you to write down the autosuggestion on paper? Your trigger can be after reading all the autosuggestion, when you drop the paper, your eyes close and you drop instantly into self hypnosis.

The way to create this is simple. When you are in the transformation phase, when you are giving yourself suggestions, tell yourself:

“ Every time I read my suggestions from a piece of paper, when I drop the paper, with the intent to go into self hypnosis, I will instantly and automatically return to this deep state of self hypnosis and go even deeper.”

While you repeat that autosuggestion to yourself, remembering how important the law of compounding is to successful self hypnosis, simply imagine that the autosuggestion is true. You go through a visualization of yourself reading your suggestions, dropping the paper and going instantly into self hypnosis, deeper than before. Repeating it 5 to 10 times will create a physical connection in the brain between the act of dropping the paper and going into self hypnosis. You already know how to hypnotize yourself and what it feels like, so you know how to go back into it. It’s just like riding a bike, once you’ve got it, you’ve got it.


Conclusion: Now you know how to hypnotize yourself

That’s how to hypnotize yourself in 4 steps using self hypnosis techniques for beginners, plus a more advanced bonus step to make your life easier. I’ll repeat here that you should make self hypnosis a regular practice and when you practice, repeat your autosuggestion more often than you think is necessary. You may find that as you practice, your mind begins to drift away and you become lost in thought or in a day dream. When you catch yourself doing this, don’t beat yourself up, just bring your attention back and continue where you left off. Your concentration span will improve over time. It also helps to say the suggestions out loud.

As you get used to hypnotizing yourself, and read more of my articles, you will become more sophisticated at self hypnosis, at an advanced level, with advanced techniques, for even more rapid change.

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