“You may delay, but time will not.” – Benjamin Franklin

In the interest of keeping this article short, here’s the most valuable insight I know on overcoming procrastination. You’ve probably read hundreds of tips on overcoming procrastination ranging from prioritizing tasks, making lists and telling others to hold you accountable. What fails to be addressed is that procrastination is an emotional state. The procrastinator can be perfectly organized, know why to do it yet still procrastinate. Often, there is no reasonable explanation for more procrastinating. Yet we all get caught in that trap of comfort, pleasure and instant gratification in order to avoid the extra energy required to just do what we need to do. Let’s be honest, it’s mental laziness. Let’s figure out how to stop procrastinating.

The benefits of hypnosis for procrastination

Take a moment to remember the last time you procrastinated. Remember what you were doing. How were you feeling? What were you thinking about?

I am willing to bet you were feeling pretty comfortable either sitting or lying down. You were procrastinating with something that gave you an immediate sense of pleasure. You were trying to take your thoughts off of your work. Yet there was an element of discomfort because reason told you that you should be productive, though you justified this away in some way.

The reasons why you are procrastinating don’t matter. The solution is the same: get into a state of total energy, focus and productivity where procrastination is impossible because you feel like taking on the challenge.

Note: Good procrastination exists. Sometimes, the unconscious mind needs time to gather information, compose thoughts and get organized before you create something. I call this the ‘Incubation period’.

We’ve all experienced a similar emotional state before. The type of state where you’re in the zone, taking massive action. You are completely focused and productive. What used to look like tall mountain peaks, now only look like little hillocks. We see the world through the lens of the emotional state we’re in, subjectively, not objectively. Managing and controlling your emotions is thus the most important skill for your success.

The key to learning how to stop procrastinating is to develop this ability to increasingly control your own emotional state. You want to see progress. If the next time you procrastinate for 3 hours instead of 4 hours, that’s good! Make progress a habit and you’ll stop procrastinating for good soon enough.

I want to conclude this article by showing you a short cut to shift yourself from a state of procrastination into one of energy and productivity. Applying this hypnosis for procrastination technique will help you stop procrastinating in the moment.

Stop procrastinating on command

  1. Get yourself into that state of productivity and focus. Make sure you are absolutely and completely in it. You will know you are there when you have a strong desire to get to work immediately and are almost holding yourself back. (use the techniques from the confidence article)
  2. Name the state! Power, Productivity or Yes are good ones!
  3. Create an anchor with a unique gesture:  Make a fist or bring your thumb and forefinger together.
  4. At the peak of the state, say the name out loud and make the gesture. You will associate the emotional state to the new formed anchor.
  5. Relax. Shake your body out.
  6. Fire of your newly created anchor to bring the state of productivity and focus back immediately.
  7. Repeat as many times as you want to strengthen the anchor.

This process creates a shortcut to the productive state in the neural pathways of the brain. At first, you will be trailblazing, but you will quickly reap the rewards of your adventure by creating a path to the state of confidence, productivity and focus accessible at any time, on command. The key to the treasure IS the treasure. In this case, the key is the hypnosis techniques.

Practice snapping yourself out of the procrastination state into the productive state over and over so that when it shows up in your life, you are adept at changing your state.

Many of my audios are also designed to help you achieve your goals, build confidence and overcome procrastination. Especially the achieve your goal hypnosis download.

Cheers to your success,